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Ringgaard Research ApS is a not-for-profit company that develops and maintains the SLING system as well as doing research relating to knowledge management and natural language processing. Ringgaard Research was founded in September 2020 by Michael Ringgaard after working at Google Research for more than 13 years.

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KnolCase is a collaborative case-based knowledge management tool for gathering information about subjects of interest and organizing these into case files. This can be used by researchers, investigators, journalists and others to collect, organize, share, and publish facts about topics. It is a personal, distributed knowledge base tool. You can create your own case files with topics like persons, companies, organizations, places, articles, notes, documents, references, etc. Topics are connected through properties, essentially forming a network of linked topics.

The case files are stored locally on your computer giving you a high degree of privacy. You can choose to share your case file so others can view it or you can publish the case topics in the public SLING knowledge base. You can also share your case files privately. Then your data will only be available to other users you have shared the secret key with. The data is end-to-end encrypted and only the encrypted version is stored centrally.

You can also export your information to Wikidata to make your contributions available to a broader audience. Then your information will ultimately be available in places like Google search knowledge panels, Siri, as well as many other places.


  • High degree of privacy. Your data is stored locally on your own computer until you explicitly choose to share it with others.
  • Simple to use. No installation required.
  • You are anonymous. No user registration needed. All traffic is encrypted.
  • Cases can be shared with others or published to a public knowledge base.
  • Collaborations with live edits for working together in closed groups. It's easy to set up your own collaboration server.
  • End-to-end encryption for sharing cases privately.
  • Compatible with Wikidata.
  • Large existing knowledge base with 100 million topics from Wikidata as well as other sources like CVR, GLEIF, Twitter, IMDB, Reddit, etc., that are updated daily.
  • No tracking and cookies. All external URLs are "noreferrer" (so the sites you navigate to are not informed about where you came from), no search engine indexing, and images can be cached to prevent tracking.
  • Open source. All source code is available on GitHub.
  • Free. No "premium" features you have to pay for, however donations for covering expenses are appreciated.
  • Ergonomic friendly. You can use most functions using only the keyboard.



KnolBase is a federated knownledge base that contains approximately two billion facts about 100 million entities. Every day a new knowledge base is built from Wikidata as well as a number of other information sources.



KnolCase is a collaborative case-based knowledge management tool for gathering information about subjects of interest and organizing these into case files.




SLING is an open source project under an Apache license and all the code is available on GitHub. SLING is written mostly in C++ but can be used from Python by using the SLING Python API (pysling). There is also a JS module so you can use SLING in the browser.

SLING on GitHub


SLINGDB is a lightweight persistent key-value database with a HTTP interface. It can be installed independently of the other SLING components and is distributed as a standalone Debian package.

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Myelin is a JIT compiler for neural networks. It compiles neural network functions written in Python into optimized x64 assembly or GPU code at runtime.

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