Knowledge base

KnolBase is a federated knowledge base that contains approximately two billion facts about 100 million entities. KnolBase uses the in-memory SLING frame store for representing knowledge. Every day a new knowledge base is built from a Wikidata live-feed as well as a number of other information sources:

KnolBase is built nightly using a pipeline similar to the one descriped here, but it uses the reconcile_items task instead of fuse_items to build the knowledge base. This requires a number of additional data set to be build from external sources, making this much more complex to run. Instead of building this yourself, it is recommened downloading the prebuilt KnolBase knowledge base from using this command:

sling fetch --dataset kb,nametab,phrasetab


You can use the knowledge base browser for viewing the following information in the knowledge base:

If you type or paste a name or alias for an entity in the search field, it shows the items matching the query. Clicking an item from the search list will show the item, or press Enter to show the first item in the search list.

The following types of searches can be performed:

W3C Reconciliation Service API

KnolBase has a W3C Reconciliation Service API so it can be used as a reconciliation service for OpenRefine by specifying as the service endpoint. The KnolBase reconciliation service is much faster than the default Wikibase reconciler because of the SLING in-memory architecture. The KnolBase reconciliation service supports the following APIs:

External id search mnemonics

The following search mnemonics are supported: