The clipboard is used for many things in KnolCase besides coping and pasting text. You can cut, copy and paste topics between folders. When editing a topic, you can copy and paste statements, properties, and values. You can also add pictures to topics using the clipboard. KnolCase has a number of plug-ins that can be activated by pasting URLs into the search box or a topic, letting you import information from other sites or applications in a quick and easy manner.


"" it is said. You can add pictures to a topic by selecting a topic and pasting an image URL into it (i.e. a URL ending with .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .mp4, .webm, .webp, or .avif). This adds the picture to the photo gallery of the topic. You can browse the photo gallery by clicking on the photo to the right in the topic card. To get the URL for a picture on any webpage, right-click on the image and select "Copy image address" in the context menu (Chrome).

Pictures on the internet often disappear after a short time. To prevent the pictures in your case topics from disappearing, you can cache the images on the SLING media cache service by selecting "Cache images" in the KnolCase menu (more_vert) in the top right-hand corner. Then all the images in the case file will be cached in the background and you will still be able to view them after they have disappeared from their original location.

Some sites do not allow which prevents images from these sites from being displayed properly in KnolCase. In this case, you can paste the image into the topic instead of just the image URL. You can copy an image by right-clicking on an image on a webpage and selecting "Copy image" in the context menu (Chrome). When you paste an image into a topic, it will first be stored on using a randomized URL, and then this image is added to the topic.

You can also paste gallery URLs into a topic. A gallery URL starts with "gallery:" followed by a list of image URLs separated by space. This format is supported by the Reddit photo search tool. Albums from Reddit and Imgur are also supported. You can search for images for a topic by clicking the image_search button on the topic toolbar.


Pasting a URL from an article or webpage into the search box will create a new topic for this page. You can also select a topic and paste the URL to add information to an existing topic. This is useful for keeping references to webpages and articles where you have found information about a topic.

KnolCase uses the meta tags from the webpage to create a topic with information about the page. It supports Facebook OpenGraph, Twitter Cards, JSON-LD, Dublin Core, Sailthru, as well as a number of generic meta tags:

KnolCase has a database of more than 3000 news sites with their Wikidata QIDs to identify the publisher of a webpage.

For example, if you want to document the source for some fact in a topic, you can add a qualifier with the source:

  1. Press Enter to make room for a new statement
  2. Press Space on the new line to start a qualifier
  3. Type 'source' and then Tab to add a property
  4. Paste the URL for the source and press Tab.

This will create a new topic for the web article with meta data and add this as the source.

Data tables

You can import tables from spreadsheets by copying some rows and columns into the clipboard and pasting these into a folder in KnolCase. You can copy data from any source that supports comma-separated or tab-separated values (CVS/TSV format).

The first row should contain the property/column names. These can be property ids (PIDs) or property names.

Each of the remaining rows are imported as a new topic. If a column name ends with #, e.g. ID#, it is expected to contain item or topic ids. Otherwise, the value is parsed according to the data type of the property, e.g. dates, number, URLs, quantities, etc.


KnolCase has a number of plug-ins. These are extensions that are loaded on-the-fly when you paste a URL that matches the plug-in URL pattern into the search box or a topic. If you paste a URL into the search box you can select the plug-in in the search results. This will add a new topic produced by the plug-on to the current folder. Pasting a URL matching a plug-in into a topic will add the retrieved information from the plug-in to the selected topic. External references are checked against the cross-reference register in KnolBase and the topic is extended with any matches found.

Pictures, tables, and articles are examples of plug-ins that are used for importing data through the clipboard, but KnolCase also has more specialized plug-ins:

These plug-ins let you add a lot of information to topics by just copy and pasting URLs. For example, you can make a web search for a topic by clicking the search button in the topic toolbar to find the sites with information about the topic. You can copy the URL for the webpage using Ctrl+L Ctrl+C. Sometimes you might not even need to visit the webpage. You can copy the result URL by left-clicking on the blue link and selecting "Copy link address".

External references

You can paste URLs from many other sites with information about the topic. This adds an external references of the appropriate type to the selected topic. The following sites are supported:

Please contact us if you have other sites with Wikidata reference properties that you want to use. If the property has a this is usually easy to accomplish.