KnolCase is a case-based knowledge management tool for gathering information about subjects of interest and organizing these into case files. This can be used by researchers, investigators, journalists and others to collect, organize, share, and publish facts about topics. It is a personal, distributed knowledge base tool. You can create your own case files with topics like persons, companies, organizations, places, articles, notes, documents, references, etc. Topics are connected through properties, essentially forming a network of linked topics.

The case files are stored locally on your computer giving you a high degree of privacy. You can choose to share your case file so others can view it or you can publish the case topics in the public SLING knowledge base. You can also share your case files privately. Then your data will only be available to other users you have shared the secret key with. The data is end-to-end encrypted and only the encrypted version is stored centrally.

You can choose to export your information to Wikidata to make your contributions available to a broader audience. Then your information will ultimately be available in places like Google search knowledge panels, Siri, as well as many other places.


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